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DEOADVENTURE. Travel and Solidarity in Africa


Our main motivation is t hat you enjoy the wonderful trip to Tanzania that you have always imagined

Deoadventure was founded by one Tanzanian and two Spanish people. Our main objective is to materialize that idea, that trip, that spirit of African adventure that you have ever wanted to do.

For it, we offer you our experience and the possibility of carrying out your personified safari. You can really choose the trip that you want carry out: the dates, the routes, the transport and the accommodation, with the best guides, drivers and cookers.

Deoadventure, collaborates with the childhood and the blind people in Tanzania.
With the purpose of contributing to the development of the country, Deoadventure collaborates with organizations and associations helping the neediest communities in the country (children who lives in the street, orphan children and blind people...). Our help in this moment is at particular level, but we hope it could be a project to half term.

So, if you want combine the tourism with the solidarity, don't doubt to request us information. We can inform you about the different possibilities you have to visit and collaborate, in a personal and individual way, with some of these centers, coinciding with your trip to Tanzania.

DEO, our representative in Tanzania

Deogratius B. Mwanri is more than a tourist guide


And that love for Tanzania is the reason that has taken him, for more than 8 years, to show its incredible beauty to many people that, as you, who wanted to know the most spectacular secrets in this country first hand.

If you are looking for your contact in Tanzania, that it is Deo. He knows perfectly all the country, and he can design and to carry out routes, photographic safaris (4x4 safaris , walking safaris, scenic flights, rafting safaris...) for big groups and also personalized safaris with alternative routes for small groups.

Titled in the "Tour Guide Studies", he speaks English, Spanish, French and Swahili. He knows perfect all the wildlife and he's also a specialized guide of high mountain expeditions in the Mount Kilimanjaro, the Mount Meru and the high areas of Ngorongoro.

The last 6 years, he has worked as a tourist guide for different European countries, programming and carrying out with each one of them alternative trips for the Parks and National Reserves of Tanzania and Kenya. Working with different Tanzanian tour operators, he has done the usual tasks of a guide with agencies like Tuareg, Nouvelles Frontieres, Trekking and Adventure, Exode, Viajes Sanga...

And he has always combined it with their direct and pro-active collaboration in organizations and projects dedicated to the social help to the neediest sectors in their country (children who lives in the streets, blind people...)

Do you want to work with us?

If you know Tanzania, you are in love with their parks and their people and you have free time, we offer you the possibility to work with us from your home, as “external collaborator.”
How? is it very simple: you will be our representative in your city. You will have the sole right in your area to inform about Deoadventure, our safaris and routes in Tanzania. So, if some group hires its trip to Tanzania with Deoadventure througth you, you will get a commission. That's easy.
Do you cheer up? Contact us and we will inform you.
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