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The best way of living a great trip experience is combining the accommodation in lodge, bands and camping site. Also is a good and economic option to carry out a safari.

You'll find the characteristics of the different accommodation types here:


The best way to live in unforgettable experience in the African night.

Inside and outside the National Parks there are camp sites areas.
The prices oscillate depending on their benefits that, in general, are better in the northern areas and more basic in the southern areas of Tanzania.

Publics: The camp site area is shared with other Tourist. In the north of the country there usually are bathroom and shower.

Private: Camp site area without any infrastructure that are reserved exclusively for a group of travelers. Here, we can find two types of tents:

a)Luxury tents: Big tents with bathroom and shower room inside.
B) Semi-luxury tents: Big tents with shared bathroom and shower room outside the tent.

Deoadventure provides:
Double tent type igloo, mattresses, kitchen equipment, table and seats.
As well as rest rooms and shower portables (it depends on the chosen option) for those camp site areas with few infrastructure.


Economic accommodation that usually has simple rooms of diverse types: from small embedded houses or bungalows, to wooden huts. The bathrooms and showers can be located outside or inside the rooms.
It has also a camp site area.


Located inside or surrounding the National Parks, the lodges are constructions of local architecture, with an exquisite pleasure and that are perfectly integrated with the landscape.

Their constructions offer a service comparable to a hotel of 4 or 5 stars or great luxury.
In the sothern parks the lodges are all "great luxury" .

They are equiped with: bathrooms, hot water showers, electricity and even some of them swimming-pool.

Safari Camp

Deluxe fixed camps that have luxury tents in a platform, with private balcony and windows that offer unforgettable views.

They are prepared with shower, comfortable beds nd electricity given by generators or local badges.


In the main cities there are a wide fan of hotels with different categories and prices.


Deoadventure has different types of cars for its safaris. All of them are prepared with open roofs.

According if the group it is big or small, the trip is carried out in:

- 4WD Safari car (Land Cruiser and Land Rover TDI) with 6 people capacity.
- Minibus Nissan or Toyota, with 7 or 8 people capacity.

Deoadventure dispone de diferentes tipos de vehículos para sus safaris. Todos ellos preparados con un techo que se destapa o bien se alza al realizar los safaris fotográficos.